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Nils Sköld | February 1, 2017

Competitor Comparison

Amuse is free and open for everyone, while our competitors are not. Our aim is to become the best music distribution in the world, while still being free for everyone. Our income comes from our record label, discovering great artists we find when looking at the data from music released through our platform. Below is a quick comparison of our competitors, big and small. (Last updated: June 11, 2018)

If you represent any of our competitors listed above and feel that you are misrepresented in any way please email and we’ll sort it out.

Edit 3 (Aug 13, 2018): Level is waiving their 8% royalty fee during their beta period. Chart updated.

Edit 2 (June 11, 2018): We wrongly stated that RouteNote does not offer a chance to be signed and royalty splitting. They do. Chart updated.

Edit 1 (May 23, 2018): We wrongly stated that CDBaby’s pricing was per year in the chart above, it is not. CD Baby charges a one time cost per release.


* Record Union: $9 dollar for a Single release is based on you choosing their cheapest plan and then adding one service for $2. (For example Spotify and Apple Music)

* Tunecore: They charge $29.99 the first year for an album, so if you plan to delete your album after the first year you would get it cheaper than what is stated in the image above.

* Ditto: They charge $19 once per year and then you can release unlimited music. So they do not charge per release, but it’s a fixed price of $19.

* Level: Free as long as it’s in Beta, no information regarding pricing after that.

* Days to release: some services offer same day delivery for a fee. We at Amuse believe that it’s a good thing to have some time between publishing your release to it going live, for you to plan your release party and self-promotion.

* Multi-user support: Some services offer different pricing for a select range of users. We have chosen to show the price for 5 users.

* Number of stores: We are going to be completely honest here, distributing to 150+ stores is not something you are going to need. You will never ever get a single stream from an absolute majority of them. Unless you are one of the biggest artists in the world or are big in a country with a local streaming service that has a big market share then 99.99% of your streams will come from the big players. So, only distributing to 10-15 stores actually makes a lot of sense.

* Prices per year: While the cost might not be so high initially, they stack up after a couple of years if you don’t want to take down your music.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

All of this information is readily available on their websites, we’ve just gathered the information for you.

Record Union




CD Baby



Stem (scroll way down)




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