Staff Picks #48

Another week of Staff Picks! We got in the mode with this one and we bet that you will too. Enjoy!

Written by Emma & Artur– August 26, 2019  
J. Aissa,

J. Aissa - Trees

Swedish/Algerian singer and producer J. Aissa teams up with Swedish rapper, Nebay Meles for his lates release "Trees". 

He is a classically scholar saxophonist with a contemporary Rnb sound, that is perfect for a chillaxing monday!  

The track features crisp bars together with the soulful tones of J. Aissa. We got the chills! 

Listen here!

Shenie Fogo

Sheine Fogo- Im Gone 

Sheine Fogo combines her island flavor from her Jamaican roots along with the Swedish moodiness in her new single "I'm Gone".

With musical influences that derives from the 90s and early 2000s RnB (with Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Brandy etc.) and now she's paving her own way through the modern R&B-landscape!

Check it out here!


Ambivalensen- Naej Naej 

The latest release from the Swedish duo Ambivalensen is out and we are feelin´ it! 

It started with Joel hearing Sandra hum and asked if she wanted to collab on his project. The rest is history. 

The sound? The name Ambivalesen implies to an ambivalent meaning, the sound leans towards pure Pop and sometimes RnB and Trap. Dope right?

Feel the vibes here!


Troop Brand- Cherry Trees

Listen, get in the mode and rewind! We are so excited to see what´s to come for this Atlanta artist. 

"If Cherry Trees could be summed up in one word it would be “nostalgia”. The mellow vibes of the guitar driven by uptempo production set the landscape for the story. The content of the record speaks on the good times of the past and how old goals have been met and now times are better. You may not be at the top but you’re definitely not in the same place you were years ago.. Reminiscing of the past and looking to the future"

Give it a spin here!


girl.- Lifeline

The rising indie-star girl. is back with a smooth, acoustic tune that fits perfectly for fall.

The new song "LifeLine" is the self-discovering song you need to keep yourself alive!

Check it out here!


80Purppp- Tay!

You need to catch the vibe with "TAY!", the latest release from the Canadian rapper 80Purppp.  

The smooth up-tempo beat mixed with 80Purpp´s  vocals, really gets us in the mode! 

Listen here!


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