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Julia | July 5, 2018

LNKAY & Musikgäris : Artist Stories

In the second episode of Amuse’s mini-documentary series ‘Artist Stories’, the artist LNKAY tells us the story behind Musikgäris – a separatistic music collective for women, non-binary and transgender people in the music industry.

With over 3 000 members in the closed Facebook group, Musikgäris functions as a forum and meeting point meant for dialogue and exchange of experience and knowledge, with the purpose to work towards an equal music industry. The collective, that was founded by LNKAY in the fall of 2016, also creates platforms for the members in the shape of club nights, events, workshops, and panels. The goal? To no longer have to exist.

English subtitles available.

“In the best of worlds, a separatistic collective wouldn’t be needed. Equality in the music business would be a given. But that’s not the situation today. And as long as we are needed, we will keep working” LNKAY says and continues:

“It would be great if this portrait of me and my journey could inspire others. If it could make more people reach out and help others, to stand up for each other and raise their voices. Give more people courage. Courage to not stay silent.”

All music in the episode is created by LNKAY. Watch it here.

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