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Diego | November 3, 2017

Music Distribution

Are you looking for free music distribution? A distribution service where you can release your music onto global music stores in just a matter of minutes – all directly from an app on your phone? An app that also includes all of your listening data, statistics, and revenue?

Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Because that’s exactly what Amuse has to offer. Amuse is a free music distribution app where you can release your music to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, and 200+ more music stores.

The History of Music Distribution

Not too long ago, artists and bands were dependent on record labels to release their physical CDs to actual, physical stores. It was a costly, arduous and time-consuming venture, and independent artists couldn’t possibly do it all on their own. A lot of power therefore lied in the hands of the big record companies who could simply pick and choose what songs to release and what not to release.

However, somewhere along this, The Internet happened and music could suddenly spread quicker, easier and cheaper than ever. Listening was made easy, downloading and streaming emerged. However, distribution didn’t really keep up with the tempo and it’s all been kept a bit stale and old-fashioned. Until now.

The Future of Music Distribution

We believe that releasing music should be as easy as the listening part already is. We want to give the artistic power and freedom back to musicians all over the world. And we do this by offering a service where anyone can release their music for free, without any hassle and where the artist always keeps the rights to their own music. All through an app on their phone.

To us, it’s obvious. It’s 2017. This is how music distribution should be done.

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